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No women up for grabs, Garissa County’s Quba mosque officials say.

By Mohamed Hassan:

Officials of Quba mosque in Garissa have denied news making rounds on social media that there were rich women up for grabs at the institution.

Responding to the reports, a mosque official Sheikh Farah said they were caught dumb founded by the reports, which he termed as a propaganda and appealed to the public not fall prey to the ‘fake news’.

“Anyone who is ready to get marry, but have lack of expenses to go to Masjid Quba in Garissa there are wealthy ladies from TURKEY who want to get married” reads the message on social media that has now gained popularity.

Sheikh Farah said they came to learn about the propaganda when two men arrived at the mosque enquiring about availability of the said women two days ago.

The mosque official it was the second time the mosque located in the periphery of Garissa town was targeted with similar propaganda after it was recently claimed part of the mosque’s land has been forcefully taken over by the recently elected Governor of Garissa Ali Bunow Korane.

Farah denied both claims.

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