”No constitutional crisis ” Kenyan MPs assure the world

Christine Siamanta
By Christine Siamanta October 12, 2017 16:45

Kenyan Mps who attended a meeting in Brussels, Belgium have assured the world that there is no constitutional crisis. The delegation led by Kigumo’s MP Ruth Mwaniki confidently reassured their counterparts from other Africa, Caribbean and Pacific regions that the country is just awaiting further advice from IEBC and the Judiciary .

The Mps downplayed the concerns that the country may possibly be running into a constitutional crisis after Mr. Raila withdrew from the fresh presidential election slotted for October 26th.

“Ever since the delivery of the Supreme Court judgment, there has been extensive discussion on the political state of the nation. This takes account of the unfortunate misconception, more often than not in the media that there may be a constitutional crisis in Kenya. This is far from the truth,” Mwaniki told the ACP-EU legislators.

She continued to state that the Supreme Court decision to upend the presidential election is a clear sign of a maturing democracy. She said it demonstrates the mounting democratic space, respect of the rule of law and a show of independence of the institutions within the governance system in the country.

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She added that since the invalidation, the electoral commission has been reaching out to the presidential candidates to give them surety of the Commission’s vigilance to carry out the repeat election as required by the Constitution and the directive of the Supreme Court.”

Mwaniki also stressed that the Constitution provides that the President of Kenya shall hold office for a term beginning on the date on which he/she was sworn in, and ending when the next elected President is sworn-in.

.”Presidential elections are generally characterized by intense and fervent campaigns which may from time to time seem, riled, fixated and emotive. Kenya is not any different. Even as we enjoy our political freedom, all our institutions, including Parliament, The Judiciary, the National Executive and its administration machinery are well in place and operational. We remain positive that we will, sooner than later, democratically and constitutionally sort out the residual political aspects,” the Kigumo MP told participants at the international conference.


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Christine Siamanta
By Christine Siamanta October 12, 2017 16:45

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