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No bodies in alleged mass graves, says IG Boinnet

By Nepjournal Team:


IG Boinnet addressing senior commanders in Mandera when he visited the County in March, 2014.


The Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet has confirmed no bodies were found in the alleged mass graves in Mandera after the first day of the excavation exercise.


“The entire Mandera County Security Committee members, accompanied by Governor Roba and Senator Billow Kerrow as well as several other local leaders including human rights activists and journalists, today 8th December 2015 witnessed the excavation of 15 sites alleged to contain mass graves and found not a single body apart from the lady who had been reported missing.” Tweeted the IG.


“The political leaders were not satisfied, and demanded the use of a bulldozer to dig deeper into the sites” he added.


Mandera Senator Billow Kerrow however says the exercise was postponed due to lack of necessary tools to execute it.


“We exhumed the body of the woman once again after county security team obtained court orders for the same. The pathologist examined the body; report is not out yet. We then proceeded to the sight where the body was discovered to open more suspected graves” said Kerrow.

“After it proved challenging with the tools, it was mutually agreed between the security team & ourselves to defer the exhumations using an excavator, to tomorrow morning in sha Allah” added the Senator.

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