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NGO condemns Raila’s move to be sworn-in as ‘people’s president’

An NGO council has asked Nasa leader Raila Odinga to stop amplifying the power struggle in the country and instead reach out to President Kenyatta who has already extended an olive branch.

The NGO has asked Mr. Odinga to re-evaluate his judgment to be sworn in as the people’s president.

According to the NGO Council of Kenya Chairman Stephen Cheboi , Kenya already has a legitimate president and both leaders should focus on bringing the people together and healing the nation.

“A united Kenyan country is extremely imperative for us all East Africa region and the Africa continent at large,” he said.

Mr Odinga and his Nasa co-principals had been formally invited to the swearing-in ceremony of President Kenyatta and deputy President William Ruto on Tuesday this week.

However Mr.Odinga turned down the invitation and opted to go through with the Nasa police victims memorial services which they scheduled on the same day as the inauguration ceremony of Mr Kenyatta.

The memorial service had initially been banned as police boss said they were yet to be formally informed about the gathering.

This led to clashes between the Nasa supporters and the police which ended with a 7yr old boy shot dead and numerous people injured.

Mr. Odinga, boycotted the October 26 repeat presidential election citing that the IEBC commission refused to give in to his irreducible minimums and promised never to acknowledge Mr. Kenyatta’s win.

He is now campaigning for resistance in and out of parliament and has also been accused of economic sabotage in what he is describing as “electoral justice.’’

Mr. Odinga, has recently been under high pressure from his followers to give the next move that will be taken. He responded by saying he will take an oath as the people’s president on December 12.

However Mr. Cheboi has openly condemned that move, saying leaders should let the nation heal following a long-drawn-out political disagreement that claimed over 60 lives.

“We appeal to the administration of President Uhuru Kenyatta to instantly settle down and begin executing their manifesto,” he said on Thursday.


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