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New York City Bar Association asks Uhuru to stop attack on Judiciary

The New York City Bar Association has written letter  to President Uhuru Kenyatta expressing concern about recent attacks against the Kenyan judiciary. The bar, in their letter, noted that intimidation of the judiciary subverts the democratic consolidated by the decision.

“We urge the Government of Kenya to continue to respect the independence of the judiciary as provided by the Constitution of Kenya, the African Charter on Democracy. We further strongly support the Law Society of Kenya and the Magistrate and Judges Association in cautioning against attacks on the Kenyan judiciary” read the letter in part.

The association told Uhuru that intimidation of, and attacks on the judiciary by government officials undermine the independence and threaten the culture of constitutionalism in Kenya.

They further urged other government officials to refrain from rhetoric and actions that question or undermine the independence and authority of the judiciary and to maintain respect for the Supreme Court decision. “We believe that by conducting free and fair elections as ordered by the Supreme Court, Kenya will serve as a strong, positive example of the maintenance of rule of law both within Africa and globally” read the letter.

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