NEP teachers urged to ignore national strike by former colleagues

By NepJournal September 8, 2015 12:06

NEP teachers urged to ignore national strike by former colleagues

By Hussein Ahmed

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a participant of the ‘walk of hope’ teaching students of a local school in this file photo.

Teachers in Northern Kenyan have been asked to ignore the nationwide strike and put the interest of the already suffering students of the region.

Speaking to the press in Wajir, retired teachers from the County led by Mohamed Abdi reminded their former colleagues that students in the region were already way behind in covering the syllabus and could therefore not afford to miss any classes.

“We support teachers in their quest to have the government pay them 50-60% salary increase…but our children have more problems and our situation is extraordinary and needs extraordinary solutions” read a statement by the ex-teachers.

The region’s education sector is reeling from the effects of teacher shortage after non-local tutors left the region enmass citing insecurity. Although the situation has now normalized, many were yet to return even though others secured transfers to other counties.



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By NepJournal September 8, 2015 12:06

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