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NEP leaders leap to the defense of Duale, tell off their Central colleagues

By Abdiweli Aden

nep leaders hold press conference-nepjournal

NEP leaders address a press conference at Serena hotel, Nairobi on Tuesday July 22. They told off their Central Kenya colleagues over continued push to have Duale ousted as Majority Leader.

Leaders from the North Eastern region have thrown their weight behind embattled Majority leader in the National Assembly Mr. Aden Duale.

Speaking in a press conference held at Serena hotel in Nairobi on Tuesday afternoon, the Political leaders reminded their Central colleagues that Duale was holding his National position not because he was favored but has a stake in the ruling coalition.

Their sentiments come a day after MPs from Nyeri County gave the National Assembly Majority Leader a seven-day ultimatum to release details about alleged terror sympathisers or face removal from his post in Parliament.


The leaders said Duale should live up to the promises he made when he led elected leaders from the region last April in promising to hand over to the government a list of suspected terrorists and their financiers after the April raid on Garissa University College by Al-Shabaab.

Duale hower said on more than one occasion that he owes no body a list and that he, together with other NEP leades, submitted the list to the relevant government agencies and that the list was never to be made public.

The NEP leaders cautioned their Central Kenya colleagues against sustained campaigns against the Somali interests, including their discriminatory & provocative profiling of the community.


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