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NEP governors facing court battles



The three elected governors from Wajir, Garissa and Mandera are facing court battles as the losers of the 8thaugust general election have petitioned to challenge their elections in courts.

Nathif Jama Adam(Garissa), Ahmed Abdullahi(Wajir) and Hassan Noor Hassan(Mandera) say the 2017 general election that saw them loss their respective seats to Jubilee candidates was marred with irregularities.

On 5th September former governor of Gariisa  Mr Nadhif jama filed a petition in Garissa court challenging the win of Ali Bunow Korane. The Immediate former governor of Garissa said the election in Garissa was not free and fair.

Mr Korane of Jubilee party garnered 59,871 votes while the former governor Nathif Jama of Wiper came second with 55,156 votes.

In Mandera County, Mr Hassan Noor Hassan of Economic Freedom party filed petition challenging the reelection of governor    Ali  Ibrahim Roba.  The petitioner said the results of the election and the counting of the votes was not done correctly.

In wajir two unsuccessful candidate,  Ahmed Muhumed and  Ahmed Abdullahi joined hand to challenge the win of Mohamed Abdi Mahamud.

At the same time the former national assembly deputy speaker Farah Maalim who was battling with the Garissa Township MP elect Adan Duale has filed petition on the august election result.

Election petitions challenging governors, members of the National Assembly , Woman Representatives, Senators and members of the county assembly will be heard and determined within six months from the date of filing, said the Judiciary.

The Chief Justice set new rules that require those challenging the election of a president to deposit Sh1million as security and a further Sh500,000 – non-refundable – as a fee for filing the case.

After the petition, any party filing a response is required to pay Sh20,000 for the Supreme Court to consider it and a further Sh4,000 for filing notice of intention to oppose the petition.

Those challenging the election of a governor, senator, woman representative or MP are required to pay the High Court Sh30,000 and an additional Sh100,000 as security. Those challenging the election of an MCA are required to deposit Sh100,000 at the magistrates court as security besides paying Sh15,000.


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