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Negotiations ongoing for the release of the “South Sudan four”

Foreign Affairs PS Monica Juma traveled to Juba this morning to ensure the release of four Kenyans who were imprisoned in South Sudan.

The release of the four Kenyans comes after bilateral talks between President Kenyatta and Sudan’s President Salver Kiir.

The four, Anthony Keya, Boniface Muriuki, Ravi Ghaghda and Anthony Mwadime were arrested on May 29th, 2015 alongside 12 other Sudanese who were accused of fraud.

It is still unclear if the four will be tried afresh upon arrival in the country.

They were convicted of stealing Sh1.4 billion ($14 million) from President Salva Kiir’s office.

The suspects were later held without being interrogated for 40 days.

One of the suspects was released but his colleagues were arrested again and detained for an additional six months before they were charged.

Juma traveled with a delegation comprising people from the Office of the president, NIS and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The suspects who were recruits of Juba-based Click Technologies were not permitted to contact their relatives during their detention.

Click Technologies specializes in graphic design, sales and computer repairs.

Foreign Affairs CS Amina Mohamed had earlier on in March denied claims that the government had abandoned the four.

She promised Parliament that she would follow up on the matter but the families of the four complained that no action had been taken.

The ministry said via twitter: “It is not true that the [South Sudan four] have been ignored.”

The ministry stated that it has been following the events cautiously but “cannot publicly prosecute  the case in at the threat of jeopardizing talks and an petition pending at the Juba High Court.”

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