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Negotiated Democracy gives Duale sleepless nights as clan contemplates sending him to Balambala

By Nep Journal Correspondent:

 Hon. Aden Bare Daule addressing crowd at Bour algy Primary school on Sunday.

Majority leader Aden Daule addressing a crowd at Bour algy Primary school recently during an event to endorse Ali Korane for the Gubernatorial by his Abudwak clan. Duale is facing the possibility of being moved to Balambala.







Days after clan elders in Mandera cut short the political journey of Mandera Governor Ali Roba and Senator Billow Kerrow among a host of other leaders, another big name in North Eastern region is facing the wrath of what came to be known as negotiated democracy.

Member of Parliament for Garissa Township and Leader of Majority in the National Assembly Aden Duale has recently signaled that he will soon make a major announcement sending shockwaves across the country.

Duale is reportedly having sleepless nights after his Abudwak clan became the latest in the region to adopt the dreaded system that is currently sweeping across the restive North.

The Abudwak clan joined the latest political craze as the community seeks to stamp its authority on Garissa County politics which has seen them loose out on key position to their brothers the Awliyan clan due to their scattered votes in the last elections. The latter has formed an alliance with the Abdalla Clan during the last elections.

In a bid to capture maximum seats in the 2017 polls, the community decided to consolidate its votes and regulate its candidature for the different positions. This will call for each sub-clan getting its fair share hence the need for drastic decisions.

Jubilee mouthpiece Aden Duale and Balambala MP Abdikadir Aden both hail from the dominant Rer Yahye sub-clan which largely inhabits Balambala sub-county and with Captain Abidyare’s entry into the race for Garissa Township MP currently held by Duale, clan elders are contemplating taking Abdi – K off the ballot in favor of Duale leaving ANC’s Abdiyare Mohamed to square it out with Former Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim in the hotly contested cosmopolitan Garissa Township constituency.

Captain Abdiyare Mohamed, a contestant for the Garissa township MP post. His entry may see Duale moved to Balambala under clan negotiated democracy.

Captain Abdiyare Mohamed, a contestant for the Garissa township MP position. His entry may see Duale moved to Balambala under clan negotiated democracy. Both candidates hail from the Abudwak clan but belong to different sub-clans.

Captain Abdiyare is from Abudwak’s Rer Gulleid sub-clan and has reportedly refused to move to Balambala clinging on to Duale’s Garissa Township because his family has no notable presence in the constituency.

Duale may however not get the Balambala seat on a silver platter as the incumbent Abdikadir Aden famously referred to Abdi K has been reluctant to accept the verdict of the elders to rest him from the political game.

Former Chief of General Staff Gen. Mohamud Mohamed, a key Rer Yahye elder, a maternal uncle to Abdi K and Duale’s father in-law could however hold the key to who will ultimately ascend to the Balambala seat.

Nep Journal has obtained exclusive insights into the internal politics that once again threatens to defragment the Abudwak clan votes. The community is also eyeing the gubernatorial seat and has already given its blessings to former administrator Ali Bunow Korane who hails from the Rer Yahye clan too.

The standoff was further complicated by the tough stance taken by another Abudwak sub-clan, rer harun who cried wolf for missing out on key positions in the negotiations within the clan.

It is not clear what final decision the Abudwak community will take and the final lineup they will come up with in order to once and for bring all their votes to one basket.

There is already rumors doing rounds in Garissa that aggrieved Abudwak sub-clans are threatening to decamp to the Farah Maalim led side giving the former deputy speaker and CORD stalwart a reason to smile.

Incumbent Governor Nathif Jama’s recent announcement that he will lead his Awliyan clan to the newly launched Jubilee Alliance Party, a party Korane is associated with and has vied in one of its parent parties’ ticket during the last elections which he narrowly lost to Jama, poses another headache for the Korane camp.

Farah Maalim on his side vowed to stage ‘mother of all battles’ in Garissa come 2017 when he first declared interest in the Duale held seat.

Maalim is set to be bankrolled by CORD which is seeking to tame Duale given his staunch defense of the Uhuru and Ruto led Jubilee government making him a thorn in the flesh of the opposition.

Clan negotiated democracy, the latest craze in the North Eastern Kenya political arena, has been welcomed with happiness and furor in equal measure.

While some candidates are celebrating being selected under this mean, those left out have trashed the community decisions and vowed to move on.

Mandera Governor Ali Roba and Wajir Gubernatorial contestant Mwalimu Mohamed Abdi are the notable rebels of the dreaded system.





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