NE MPs ask government to up its game in fight against Al Shabaab, threaten to arm residents

By NepJournal June 7, 2017 19:25

By NJ Correspondent:

Fafi MP Bare Shill has floated radical security measures including arming residents if the government fails to act.

A section of MPs from North Eastern Kenya want the government to immediately implement a raft of security measures to curb the increasing Al Shabaab incursions and attacks in the region.

Speaking at a press conference in Nairobi on Wednesday, the lawmakers Mohamed Dahiye (Dadaab), Mohamed Shidiye (Lagdera), Elias Bare Shill, Ahmed Abass (Ijara), Abass Sheikh (Wajir East), Yussuf Haji (Senator) Shukran Gure (County MP) asked the government to recruit more reserve police officers and deploy them in the region especially in Garissa County which has borne the brunt of increased IED attacks the past few days.

“As area Members of Parliament, we are extremely worried by events that are taking place in our constituencies which is bringing all activities including government operations and commercial activite sto a standstill” reads a statement by the legislators in part.

The MPs called on Interior CS John Nkaissery to to appropriate measures to end the Al shabaab menace in the region.

Fafi MP Bare Shill said if the government fails to recruit Kenyan Police Reservists (KPR) to secure the region, they would have no option but to arm residents to defend themselves from the Al Shabaab menace.

“If the State does not act, we will be forced to mobilise our people and purchase guns from Somalia so that we can protect ourselves,” said Shill.

The threats come after a series of Al Shabaab attacks in several Garissa County settlements leading to the loss of life and destruction of property.


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By NepJournal June 7, 2017 19:25