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Nazlin insists her love for Duale is true

We all are familiar with the sauciness that love affairs are. The Nazlin- Duale affair doesn’t fall short of the soap-opera drama. The lady Politician Nazlin Umar broke down in tears in a live radio interview while she gave an account the difficulties intertwining her love life with National Assembly majority leader Adan Duale.

The former presidential candidate said that she loves the Garissa MP Adan Duale and that even his wife knows of their relationship.

Nazlin, who referred to the legislator by his first name, Adan, says his wife knows of their current relationship and has never had a problem.

“I love him with a clean heart and I will not do something to hurt him,” said Nazlin.

Nazlin further said her life is in danger maintaining that the leaking of their love life is part of a scheme devised by someone who wants Duale removed as a majority leader and obstruct her from contesting for presidency in 2022.

“He asked me to take heart and said we will sue those (media) because they are just extortionists,” she told a radio station on Friday.

In a leaked audio, which Nazlin confirmed to be authentic, Adan expresses his undying love for Nazlin and repeatedly asks her to ask for anything she wants and he will deliver.

Nazlin broke down in tears saying she is tired “of playing the role of a double player.”

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