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NASA MPs delays their list for proposed Senate and the National Assembly nominees

NASA has dismissed Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka’s order that they present names of its members who will sit in the different committees, pointing to persistent paralysis of House business next week.

According to Mr.Lusaka he is yet to receive any names from NASA even though it is already three days after the November deadline.

“I can verify that I have only gotten the name of the Leader of Minority (Moses Wetangula). They have also done that for the National Assembly,” Mr. Lusaka said.

He also confirmed that the Jubilee list for both the Senate and the National Assembly is already submitted .He added that the list will be tabled in both Houses of Parliament when MPs reconvene on Wednesday after a two-week recess.

“We expect to finish the process of setting up the committees when the House reconvenes next week. I will be giving an order, but I hope NASA will have given in the names,” Mr. Lusaka said.

The Speaker and his National Assembly counterpart, Justin Muturi, had two days ago promised to push on with the formation of parliamentary committees next week without NASA should the opposition fail to present names.

On the other hand, the two House leaders will face the challenge of forming three dominant watchdog committees that are reserved for the Minority Party not forming the government (NASA).

This is after the amendment to the Standing Orders that banned the ruling party from holding deputy chair positions in the influential Public Accounts Committee (PAC), the Public Investments Committee (PIC) and the Committee on Implementation (CoI).

This means NASA, a coalition of five political parties must chair and deputise PAC, PIC and CoI. There are 28 committees in the National Assembly.

The 14 independent legislators in the National Assembly will produce the chairperson of the recently formed Special Funds Accounts Committee (SFAC), which will evaluate the accounts of entities like Women Enterprise and Youth Enterprise Fund.

House Standing Orders needs committees to have a quorum of six out of 17 members to carry out business, but is not clear as to whether both Jubilee and Nasa MPs must be in attendance to deliberate on matters. NASA had asked the Speaker to give it more time to confer with its affiliate parties and sought a November 31 deadline to submit the names.

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