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Nasa announces organizing committee for the People’s Assembly

Nasa has made public a seven-member organizing committee to map out the People’s Assembly.

This is part of NASA’s multi-faceted strategy to bring an end to President Kenyatta’s rule.

Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale said in a conference earlier today that the seven-member team will make certain that the country has embarked on the ultimate pillar of reinstating democracy, lawful leadership and just governance.

The members of the committee are Peter Mathuki, Judy Sijeny ,Mutakha Kangu, Oduor Ong’wen, Hamida Kibwana, David Ndii and Koitamet Olekina.

“They will mull over and make the roadmap towards the attainment of goals through the assembly which will guide us to a free and fair election or the path of self-rule,” Khalwale said.

He said the responsibility of the team will be to direct, aid and organize the programme of the numerous assemblies across the nation.

H e said it will also establish and oversee a national secretariat that will be the hub for the actions of these assemblies among other tasks.

Mr. Khalwale said Kenyans will not agree to the “patent usurpation of power” by the Jubilee regime.

“This brazen abuse was clear for the entire world to witness when we wanted to hold a peaceful, memorial service for 26 supporters killed by trigger-happy police officers,” he said.

He argued that the bloodshed by those who were killed demanded for changes .He claimed that it is up to the people of Kenya to make electoral justice a reality.

NASA chief Raila Odinga told BBC that Kenyatta’s presidency is dishonest adding that NASA will keep on pushing for electoral reforms through civil disobedience.

“We will guarantee electoral justice. The great effort will persist through civil disobedience, demonstrations and boycotts until there is electoral justice.”

He went on to say that if the issues he has raised will not be addressed then “there will be no country”.

He appealed for the Opposition to use the People’s Assemblies to push for major changes.

So far 10 counties have passed motions in support of the People’s Assemblies formation even though a High Court stopped their implementation.


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