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NASA agrees to talk with Jubilee but one one condition



The opposition Leader Raila Odinga has agreed to start a talk with the ruling party to discuss the repeat election but on a condition that they halt their intended plan of changing the electoral laws.

Mr. Odinga termed the changing of the electoral law as a plot to water down the Constitution, he said changes are in bad faith and  a path to manipulate the repeat elections scheduled for October 26.

NASA leader was speaking to members of Anglican Church of Kenya who asked  Mr. Odinga to drop his call for mass action and instead embrace dialogue.

Raila said  the proposed manual system is outdated,  “There is no need to change the goal post when the Supreme Court has already implicated the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.

“What is being brought back is a manual system of voting of the pre-1997 era,” Mr Odinga said at All Saints Cathedral.

He said the changes were an act of extreme provocation and that his coalition will not agree to have talks with Jubilee until they dropped their intended plan.

On their part Anglican Church of Kenya led by Archbishop Jackson ole Sapit asked the opposition to reconsider their intended protest.

“We ask Nasa to disengage from calls for street protests and that Jubilee relaxes its hard line stance and embrace dialogue.”

The new electoral law proposed by Jubilee is aimed at reducing power of the electoral body chairman, it is  entrench the manual system of transmitting results.

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