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Nakuru Governor Promises to repossess ‘grabbed’ land belonging to Muslims

By Mbarak Abucheri:

mudu with nakuru governor-nepjournal

Nep Journal’s Mudu poses for a photo with Nakuru governor Kinuthia Mbugua after Eid-ul-fitr prayers at Afraha Stadium on Wednesday July 6, 2016.

Nakuru county government has said it will assist the Muslim community to repossess land allegedly grabbed by private developers in the county.

County Governor Kinuthia Mbugua directed his land officers to take up legitimate land issues from the community and address them conclusively in order to ensure Muslim properties and community development projects in the county are safeguarded for the benefit of society.

“As the government of Nakuru, our interests lie with the people. We will ensure that properties belonging to the Muslim community are safe. Our land officers are going to ensure that,” Mbugua said.

The assurance comes in the wake of an appeal by Muslim leaders to the county government to protect parcels of land belonging to the Muslim community against land grabbers.

Mbugua said this on Wednesday during Eid-ul- Fittr prayers at Afraha stadium, where Muslim leaders claimed that a land owned by the community had been acquired irregularly by local private developers.

The Muslim community in Nakuru had earmarked the land under the contest in section 58 estate for a Muslim school and they allege that the prime parcel of land has been grabbed by a prominent legislator from Kirinyaga County.

Two others allocated for the construction mosque at Shabab and Kisulisuli areas in Nakuru West are also reported to be under what they term as an illegal process of being grabbed by a private developer.

Mbugua used the opportunity to appeal to Muslim youths to remain steadfast in the progress of the county and shun leaders out to divide peaceful Kenyans along sectarian lines.

In his Idd -ul- Fitri khutba (Sermon) Imam Sheikh Abdinassir Abdulwahab urged Muslims to keep on with good deeds shown during Ramadhan.

Sheikh Abdinassir further issued a strong condemnation against the ongoing indiscriminate murders of innocent people who include Muslims and singled out the recent killings at Madina and at the Turkey airport.

The Imam expressed concern over what he referred to as bloodshed and unreligious acts that is going on in the Arab world and other parts of the world noting that humanity should emulate prophet Ibrahim (A.S) by sacrificing specified animals and stop shedding blood of fellow human beings.

“A big reward awaits those who shed animal blood in the name of God, and hell fire awaits those who shed blood of fellow and innocent human beings through child sacrifice, fake Jihads, terrorism, wars of aggression and other selfish motives” the Sheikh told the congregation of hundreds of thousands who took part in the Eid -Ul-Fitri prayers.

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