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Nairobi businessmen in support of the fresh elections

A conglomerate of businessmen has come out to show their support for the October 26th fresh presidential elections. The Hood Group Businessmen and professionals called for a press conference at the Intercontinental Hotel and spoke on the current insecurity in the country which they termed as unfavorable.

“We are in support of consultations meant to bring a cordial solution to the stalemate as proposed by IEBC Chairman, Wafula Chebukati,” said the businessmen . Led by the chairman Nderitu Mwangi, they said the politicians should heed to Mr. Chebukati’s warning about interfering with the commission. They were quick to express their concern on how the economy continues to suffer due to the prolonged electioneering period


“Companies are making losses. Workers have been laid off. The cost of living is mounting and if this state of affairs does not change, then the economy may start to crumple,” they cautioned. The business conglomerate claimed that they were still calculating their losses but expected it to go into billions of shillings.

The businessmen  also expressed their concern in relation to the protests and picketing announced by NASA. “It is the right of voters that do not want to vote to refrain from voting, and it is equally the right of voters who wish to vote on that day to be permitted to do so without intrusion,” they said. The group restated their proposal to both the national and county governments to authorize particular spaces such as car parks and stadia where picketing and demonstrations can be carried out without interfering with businesses in the CBD.

They said that their desire is to have all Kenyans turn up for elections come the October 26 since it is the only clear, legal, democratic and Constitutional solution that will get the country to move forward. They also appealed for talks between President Kenyatta and NASA leader Odinga.

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