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My take on the ladies contest – Wajir County

By Ali Bashane:

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Fatuma Ibrahim, County MP, Wajir

Wajir women representative seat is a battle ground for the ladies. Whereas some are defending the validity of the seat, others are questioning the importance of the position. They argue it’s a waste of time and resources. A burden to the wage bill and a pressure to the economy.

Apart from addressing domestic violence and a few bills on affirmative action, the female lawmakers are said to be unproductive and have nothing much to be proud of. Probably the reason why the incumbent has hang up her boots ready to wrestle out with the men in the posh parliamentary seat. Call me a male chauvinist if you like, but I strongly believe the seat should be scrapped altogether. I hope, I can withstand the punches from the female folks. Personal opinion aside, there are a number of young ladies who are craving for the seat. Some losing all their sleep and others praying hard to their God.

Halima Abdille:

halima abdille

Sen. Halima Abdille

Abdille is the first in the pecking order. The young nominated senator is the lady to watch. She has started her campaigns early and has been crisscrossing the entire county. She resonates well with the youth and has been sponsoring football tournaments in the sub counties. Interacting with old men and women in the senate, she must have learnt one or two from the experienced lot. She is however, not visible in the social media. Her secretariat is probably not digital.

She looks to be relating well with other politicians, at least from the face value. She is said to leaning towards the FAI bandwagon. The political guru and tactician from Eldas is said to be on her side. Her biggest headache, incumbent Hon. Fatuma Ibrahim has cleared the way for her.

Being in the Senate for the past few years she could be in a good position to kick-start a serious campaign. Unless she gets tired, based on the pace she is moving at, there is a good chance she could bag the seat.

Barey Diis Bulle

What a name! Daughter of mama Cawrala, also with a brilliant original name, Barey is in the race. This lady with authentic and her genuine Degodia name is making inroads in the county. It’s often said if you have an original take in life or something about you is original, then you will pull people on your side based on your originality. The former Telkom retrenchee is the new entrant in to the political arena. She has roots in both Tarbaj and Eldas, a little bonus for a contestant.

Barey is said to be cool and soft. Based in Wajir and being a housewife, she has all the time to build networks. Although she lacks the necessary experience, she is making an impact in the county. She has a group of young digital guys who are on mission to market her. Just like Halima, she comes from Eldas. She has some work to do to grab the seat.

Nimco Omar Haji:

Nimo Omar Haji

Nimo Omar Haji

Thirdly, the Facebook sensational Nimco Omar Haji Mohamud is causing shock waves in the internet. The daughter of Mzee Omar Haji of the old KANU days, Nimco is a force in this race. Her campaign slogan “simama na dada Nimco” is becoming a Facebook hit. She comes from Wajir West, a constituency the governor is banking on to negotiate with other regions. She will be under pressure to step down. For now she looks determined to go the end.

Her face is all over the social media and if this was a beauty contest, dada Nimco would have been an outright winner. Critics will say beautiful faces that charm us the most, escape us the soonest. Unless that happens, Nimco appears to be in for the long haul.

Another rumour flying around is that she is a project of the man from Eldas to divide the mantaan vote. She must counteract this if she is to be relevant in the polls. For now she remains a virtual candidate, a term coined by a close relative of mine to demean the political strength of an opponent. She needs to invest more in the rural areas where she is barely known.

Halima Ali Shina:

Halima Shina, the young youthful lady is another one to watch. She is a good mobiliser who is popular among the youth.

Halima Shina

Halima Shina

It appears her campaign team has been dull and mute although she has just been rejuvenated. Unlike 2013 people are not that much euphoric about her candidature. She is close to the Current county regime, a baggage which might cost her some votes.

Her performance will depend on how she disassociates from the man and maneuvers her way out. She has the likeability factor which can attract her votes. She can make an impact in the polls if she plays her cards well.

Word in the streets of Wajir is that she is not serious this time round. Whether that is a propaganda or not depends on how her secretariat responds. Information is power therefore, she ought to clear the air to progress. As for now she has some obstacles on her way.

Fatuma Hassan:

Hassan’s name keeps popping up as possible candidate. The Londoner popularly know as Fatuma Hayes is disadvantaged by the FAI factor (her sub clan).

While we could benefit from her new ideas of representation, Fatuma is not lucky at this point in time. The FAI are definitely going for other more important seats and are not, the least, mentioning the women rep.

If she decides to go on her own right ignoring the current establishment , she will perform dismally.

Being a step mum to Halima Shina complicates the equation. A situation that may intricate the contest putting family relations in to jeopardy. However, all indications are the community will dangle the seats to other sections to gain their support. without a doubt, I am sure the lady will be under intense pressure to withdraw.

Madam Oraay:

Madam Oray

Madam Oray

Madam Oraay from Wajir north is a another possible contender. She could benefit from the divided Degodia votes if she decides to contest. no information was forthcoming from her side by the time this article was being written.

Lastly the ladies contest has just began. on the eve of Eid-ul-fitr it won’t cause you much harm reading and commenting on all ladies affair.

Any other contestant baying for my blood for being excluded is a late comer. Either you are too slow or you have not invested on publicity. whichever the case you are not worth the seat. it’s best you join the team of one of the ladies above.

To the candidates, remember a year isn’t just a long time in politics, its a whole new dimension. With determination you can achieve your goals and every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.

Don’t be deterred and don’t loose hope. After all this is just my take .

Have a lovely EID-UL-FITR.

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  1. Bigdadddybouy

    After taking an hour of critical thoughts,I realized dat the political pool of Kenya is a sorted drama dat leads to a low index of poverty and mistrust to the law abiding citizens who have no much strength to differentiate between the liers and betrayers,the leaders and the misleaders but instead take all their tym and energy to listen any public rally so dat they don’t get altered second hand information….
    With every politician trying to win the heart of da native citizens,they carry sacks of lies and bags of empty promises dat is ment to win the cards in the pockets of the helpless old men,the hardworking mothers and the crawling youth who have no much time to fight for their rights….The so called politicians gather all they can and leave nothing just to make sure that the humble constituents have nothing valuable to reach them up there in the world of luxury and comfort…
    Am feed up with the naive citizens who don’t learn from their past mistakes and still complains wen they repeat the same mistakes,am fed up with the greedy politicians who sell the souls of their humble mother’s and fathers,am fed up with the so called youth who think of today and never tomorrow, am fed up with political brokers who kill the truth and brand the lies,am fed up with kenyan politics dat allow tribal affection and value corruption….
    Lets avoid tribal lines,
    lets avoid corruption bases,
    lets avoid political breakdown,
    lets avoid political instability,
    lets avoid all the values codes of life and maintain our dignity with love,unity,peace and harmony so dat we can make our counties and country a better place for us all….
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