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Muslims urged to sustain spiritual gains of Ramadhan

By Mbarak Abucheri:

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Muslims across the country have been urged to keep up the virtues and gains of the month of Ramadhan for the pleasure of Allah and as a spiritual guide for accelerated development of the community and the nation.

Addressing Muslim faithful in his Friday pre – Khutbah (sermon) at Jamia Mosque Nairobi, a lecturer at the University of Nairobi Professor Abdullatif Essajee told Muslims to stick to Islamic values and avoid deviating from the right Islamic norms.

While quoting verses from the noble Quran Prof Abdullatif advised Muslims to be steadfast in Islam and continue with virtuous deeds even after Ramadhan stressing that the end of the holy month of Ramadhan and Idd festivities did not mean the end of prayers, charity, reading the Qur’an and other noble deeds.

”In fact, steadfastness after Ramadhan is the greatest sign that one has gained benefit from the month of Ramadhan. These are the real signs of a successful Ramadhan. Furthermore, the deeds of a Muslim do not come to an end with the end of Ramadhan. Rather, they continue and extend throughout the year. Allah (SWT) says, And worship your Lord until the certainty (death) comes to you.” (Al Hijr; 99) He said.

Prof Abdullatif noted that one of the purpose of the holy month of Ramadhan is to re-awaken the spirit of righteousness among Muslims so that they are able to win Allah’s favour and blessings and appealed to all Muslims to ensure that the Ramadhan lessons continued to reflect in their lives.

“Fasting elevates a person from the material life to a higher spiritual life and helps him or her to approach a spiritual level where he can show humility and selflessness.

“Muslims should be committed to serving Allah and looking beyond Ramadhan by showing love, care and tolerating one another without discrimination,” said Prof Abdullatif.

He further stated that though Ramadhan season is now gone, fasting is still recommended in other months adding that the Messenger of Allah (May peace be upon him) has recommended fasting on Mondays and Thursdays.

Prof Abdullatif pointed out that fasting in the Holy month of Ramadan is a devotional exercise, which purifies the soul and equips someone for a sustained relationship with God, where fear of Allah remains supreme adding that if performed with faith and sincerity, fasting, above all, helps us in becoming good human beings.

Prof Abdullatif who is a member of Jamia Mosque Committee added that the month of Ramadhan is also a period for families to upgrade their spiritual ratings and for Muslims to reach out to one another with the spirit of brotherhood.

”My dear Muslim brothers and sisters, We have been law abiding, humble, disciplined during this holy month of Ramadhan. Please let us continue in the same way after fasting, Ramadhan is not the end of the well-being of humanity. I therefore appeal to you to maintain the state we should not slide back,” He said.

The lecturer urged Muslims not only do away with evil actions during the holy month of Ramadhan, but also take a stance never to engage in the acts which displeases Allah.

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