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Muslims asked to avoid leadership wrangles in Mosques

By Abdulkarim Taraja

Muslims in Nakuru perform the Eid-ul-Adha prayers

Muslims in Nakuru perform the Eid-ul-Adha prayers

Muslims in South Rift region have been warned against leadership wrangles in mosques if they want to portray the religion in good light.

The region whose inhabitants majorly practice Christianity has seen huddles and bustles in the mosques with people jostling for slots in committees. This has caused bad blood between imams and followers resulting in retarded growth and development of Islam in the region.

Speaking to Friday Bulletin, a publication of the Nairobi Jamia Mosque, after the Eid-ul-Hajj prayers, Kericho Jamia Mosque outgoing imam Salim Muzammil decried the hard times he has undergone in trying to balance religious issues with politics.

Sheikh Muzammil said Muslims in Kericho and nearby areas lack the spirit of brotherhood which was a very key component to the growth and compact of Islam.

“Though we are not perfect, our people refuse to be corrected when they do wrong or against the religion and at times small issues that can be solved within end up in courts,” said Muzammil.

He added that Muslims were their own enemies and this sets a bad example for others who may be willing to join the religion.

He said issues that cropped up were rushed to courts on more than one occasion only for the judges to direct an out of court settlement through dialogue and consultation.

This he said, shows how people tend to rush to courts without exhausting available avenues to solve their differences.

“Many of imams leave mosques crying and often in bad mood due to fallout with the committees who always see things different from them which affects development,” he said.
Having served as Imam in Kericho for three years, the cleric emotionally gave farewell message to the worshipers and urged them to fear Allah and do things in accordance with religious learning.

“Accept to be corrected and consult on issues that collectively affect relationship amongst yourselves and Allah. Love each other and part ways only because of Allah,” added Muzammil.


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