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Muslims across the world to observe Eid ul Fitr on Sunday.

By NJ Correspondent:

Muslims around the world are celebrating Eid al-Fitr festival which marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan on Sunday.

The moon was sighted in several countries including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates on Saturday evening and the Saudi Kingdom’s Supreme Court announced that Eid al Fitr will be observed Sunday.

In Kenya Eid celebrations begin with a special prayer in mosques and open-air areas despite Chief Khadhi Sheikh Ahmed Muhdhar announcement of the Eid fitr celebration to be on Monday.

The beginning and end of Ramadhan months are determined by the sighting of the new moon.

Muslims across world were searching for the crescent moon on Saturday in which if sighted will mean that Eid al Fitr will be celebrated on Sunday, 25 June.

However, the sighting of the crescent moon on Saturday, marks Muslims to celebrate Eid ul Fitr after fasting for 29 days.

Today was the last day of fasting for Muslims around the world. Eid is an official holiday in all Muslim-majority countries, but the number of days varies by country. In Kenya the government gazetted Monday June 26 as holiday.

Eid ul fitr is known to be one of the pious festival where Muslims around the world holds fast a month and celebrate the Eid happily in a grand way.

During the Eid Muslims forget and forgive the bitterness and celebrate love. Children, Women, old aged, men all attend Eid al-Fitr prayers joyfully. After the prayers they share special festivals, eat all the delicious delicacies.

Muslims parade to celebrate Eid ul fitr by offering prayers to Allah for all the well beings, peace and tranquility in the world.

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