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Muslim students urged to take keen interest in science and Maths

By Mbarak Abucheri:

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Muslim students in educational institutions across the country have been advised to take keen interest in the study of science and mathematics to gain knowledge and improve on their careers.


At the same time the students were cautioned against complacency in their studies and called upon to work extra hard and utilize their times in schools for effective studies that could help them stride in their academic spheres and in shaping them for better future.

The call was made by the Kakamega County Muslim Education Council (MEC) representative Hassan Ngeri who gave the advice at the mentorship programme, organised for form one and two Muslim students selected from various secondary schools in Kakamega County by Masomo Foundation.


Ngeri in his address advised the learners to take keen interest in all subjects and put more efforts in science and mathematics and at the same time seek guidance from credible people on their career choice so as to make informed decision and choices as they take a leap forward in their education journey.


Speaking at Kakamega Jamia Mosque and Islamic centre over the weekend, Ngeri said there was need to promote these subjects, particularly among Muslim students, in order to achieve a balance in human resource development.


“The situation in which majority of our students are studying humanities must send a warning signal to us and the country’s development as a whole”, he added.


He noted that, promoting quality science and technological education was the “surest way of solving our present day problems, and with the discovery of oil, expertise would be needed, especially in Sciences to aid in exploration”.


Ngeri who also represents MEC at the County Education Board further called on students to change their attitude towards the study of the subjects, adding that, “without Maths, science and English, it will be very difficult to gain admission into any public university and tertiary institutions”.


Though the so-called secular education and knowledge was equally important he nevertheless said it was important that Islamic knowledge also be given utmost importance as it shaped the moral values of individuals and the society at large.


MEC representative encouraged Muslim students to stick to Islamic moral values for a holistic upbringing to the next generation and to be responsible persons in the society.


He stressed the need for efficient cooperation between parents, teachers, the community and the government to ensure pupils and students were receiving all the necessary support and equipment required to excel academically.


Over thirty secondary school students benefited from the mentorship program, the first one of its kind to be held in the region.

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