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Muslim professionals call for urgent resolution of political stalemate

By NJ Correspondent:

Muslims Professionals, a non partisan group, want President Uhuru and Raila to lead efforts to save the country from anarchy. Photo/Abu Ayman

Muslim professionals in the country have called on leaders across the political divide to shelve their differences and steer the country out of the current political impasse.

Speaking at a press conference in Nairobi’s Jamia mosque, the group said Kenya stood at the crossroads facing serious challenges, which they said, should not be allowed to escalate into an immutable crisis that will pose serious risks to its nationhood.

“Demonstration, counter demonstrations, excessive responses, continuing brinkmanship and grandstanding are increasing economic volatility and uncertainty, reducing investor confidence, affecting businesses” said the group in their statement.

The Muslim professionals decried the continued polarization of Kenyans along regional and ethnic lines, which they added was regrettably finding its way into vital institutions such as the electoral body IEBC.

IEBC has been at the limelight after cracks emerged within its top leadership following the infamous Supreme Court ruling that annulled the August 8 elections, a crisis that culminated in this week’s resignation of one commissioner Ms. Roselyn Akombe.

The professionals now want the two principals President Uhuru and opposition to take positive steps that ensure the country does not ‘slip down the path of anarchy’.

They also called on president Uhuru to initiate dialogue to address the challenges facing the country while also calling on opposition leader Raila Odinga to explore peaceful means of address the current grievances.

Softening political rhetoric, facilitation of credible elections by IEBC, spiritual guidance by religious leaders and peaceful coexistence by Kenyans were other appeals fronted by the Muslim professionals.

The professionals also asked local leaders to save the country from the ‘ghosts that have consumed some of our neighbors’.

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