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Muslim leaders commend the public for cooperating with security agencies.

By Ali Abdi

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The cache of arms recovered from a house in Garissa Ndogo at the weekend.

Close cooperation between security agencies and the general public has been hailed as being behind the latest breakthroughs in the war on terror in North Eastern Kenya.

Led by the Garissa branch Chairman of the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims Mr. Abdullahi Salat, Musim leaders in Garissa praised security agencies for acting swiftly and wananchi for volunteering information that is leading to the arrest of suspects and recovery of weapons.

“We have seen a change of attitude among the locals, who more than ever are willing to volunteer information to security agents. I urge officers who receive such information not to leak it to criminals as has been witnessed in some instances,” Salat said.

Police recovered 7 pistols, 7 hand grenades, 20 bullets and 15 magazines in Garissa Ndogo during an operation at the weekend.

The Supkem Chairman expressed confidence in the Mohamud Saleh led security team which he said was committed to rooting out Al-shabaab and its adherents from the region.


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