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MPs want parliament reconvened to discuss Eastleigh

Members of the Parliamentary Caucus on Human rights want Parliament to reconvene from recess to discuss how best the country can be secured from terror threats.

Led by Kibra M.P. Hon. Ken Okoth, the members said that they have petitioned Majority leader Aden Duale and his Minority counterpart Francis Nyenze.

Hon. Okoth took issue with the way police carried out the operation saying that they have mishandled and undermined the fight on terror.

“The thousands of people who have been arrested are being held in dehumanizing conditions. This latest swoop is ill-thought out and would counter to the fight against terrorism,” he said.

He added that terrorist groups want to portray Kenya as being against people of Somali origin or Muslims and going by the way they are acting, police have fallen in to this trap.

His Ndhiwa counterpart Agostinho Neto said that it was a violation of the constitution and international conventions to deny those held in the recent swoop in Eastleigh basic necessities such as food, water and legal services.

“We are against the profiling of ethnic Somalis in the name of combating terrorism. Some Kenyans of Somali descent and other Kenyans have helped a great deal in the fight against terrorism,” he said.

Seme M.P. Dr. James Nyikal also accused police of extorting huge sums of money from the residents of Eastleigh caught up in the swoop. This he said compromised the security of the country since criminals get away after parting with a bribe.

Matungulu M.P. Stephen Mule took issue with the immigration department and is suggesting a ‘swoop’ on the department too. He accused them of failing to prevent entry of illegal immigrants in to the country through massive corruption of its officials.

The leaders requested Kenyans to cooperate with any well – thought effort by the Government to help in defeating terrorism but said care should be taken to isolate potential criminals rather than blanket demonisation of ethnic or religious communities.

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