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More goodies for Mandera as revolving funds by county gov’t shoots to 274M with the launching of MCTDF

By Suleiman Hassan

roba launches fund-nepjournal

Governor Roba launches the fund

The county government of Mandera has set up several funds aimed at boosting the economic status of area residents.

County Governor Ali Roba this week launched the Mandera County Trade Development Fund (MCTDF) to the tune of Kshs 86 million which was catered for in the 2014/15 financial year.

The revolving fund was established by the Mandera County Trade Development Fund Act of 2014 and loans will attract no interest in compliance with Islamic finance.

Speaking during the launch, Governor Ali Roba said that the fund, just like all the other funds established by his administration, was aimed at boosting enterprises run by Persons with Disability, youth and women at ward level hence creating indirect employment and self-employment.

“I therefore urge the Youth, women and people with disabilities to take advantage of these funds and create employment opportunities for themselves by initiating small enterprises across the county” said Roba.

mandera women-nepjournal

Women follow proceedings during the launch

The kitty will be financed through allocations from the county coffers, donations from development partners as well as repayments by beneficiaries.

It will be administered by a board established in accordance with the Act’s requirements. The board will be assisted by Ward committees in each of the county’s 30 wards.

Its operations will be overseen by the departments of trade and social services.

mandera diabled-nepjournal

Disabled people follow proceedings during the launch

Other funds established by the county government of Mandera include the Cooperatives fund, 28M, Women and persons with disabilities fund 48M as well as the Bursary fund with 117 million.


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