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More flight space as SAX spreads its wings in Wajir

By Hussein Ahmed

sax MD-nepjournal

SAX MD. Don Smith explaining a point during the launch

Air transport in Wajir County got a big boost today after one of the airlines plying the Nairobi – Wajir route introduced a larger capacity airliner in to the market.

The 37 seater was launched by the East African Safari Air Express (SAX) in a colorful ceremony at a Wajir hotel attended by County officials and a section of Wajir residents.

sax - nepjournal

Maiden flight of the 37 seater plane

Speaking at the launch, Deputy Governor Abdihafidh Yarrow welcomed the move saying the County administration was creating favorable environment for entrepreneurs to invest in the area.

Company CEO Don Smith thanked both the County government and the local people for the continued business promising them of more improvements in the future.

wajir deputy gov-nepjournal

Wajir Governor Abidhafidh Yarrow speaks during the launch

Wajir has the largest airport in Northern Kenya that serves hundreds of planes per day. It also acts as a transit route for planes heading to and from Somalia.

County government officials, NGOs and the local business people form the clientele of the airline companies.

Fares from Wajir to Nairobi range from 8,000 to 15,000 depending on the airline, availability of flights and the timing.

sax meeting-nepjournal

Wajir residents attend the launch

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