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Mombasa terror ring leader was bright in class

By Abdiqafar Gababa:



The ring leader of the terror attack at central police station in Mombasa on Sunday morning was a troublesome student who was expelled from school.

Tasnim Yakub Abdullah Farah did her KCSE exams in 2015 at Quba Muslim School on the island and scored a grade of a B-(minus).

The second suspect in the attack, Fatuma Omar, studied at Coast Girls High School and did her KCSE exams in 2013. Police officers believed that Fatuma came from the nearby Kibokoni neighbourhood.

The third suspect known as Mariam, was interrogated by ATPU but was set free due to lack of evidence. A school officials, described Tasnim as a very bright student in class and could have done better than that if she could have been disciplined. Tasnim was an orphan living with her grandmother who paid her fees via the support of her relatives residing overseas.

Security personnel linked Tasnim to a terror group based in boni forest in Lamu called JAYSH AL AYMAN associated with Somalia based Al shabab.

The fourth suspect who was a male, was also arrested but in the awake of unconfirmed reports, Mombasa county commissioner said that a detailed statement would be issued today

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