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Moi university ex-students leaders to challenge repeat polls at Supreme Court

Just as the deadline to the submission of filling petitions challenging the repeat presidential election was to end, two former students’ leaders of Moi University; John Chengo and ‘George Bush’- not his official name arrived at the Supreme Court of Kenya with a peculiar request.

The two wanted to file a petition challenging President Uhuru’s win without paying the mandatory Sh1.5 million-court fee required for such a case (paupers brief).

A pauper’s brief allows a poor person to argue in a court of law without paying court fee. The former students’ leaders claimed they live in grinding poverty hence be allowed to file the paupers’.

In their brief, they say that they live in ‘a run down and mud-thatched house without windows in the disgraced slums of Huruma estate’ in Nairobi.

George Bush in their case argues further that, he survives on a single meal a day unlike the customary three-meal people take and therefore wants the Supreme Court to annul the repeat presidential polls on the bases that the withdrawal of Hon. Raila Odinga and the failure to conduct elections in 25 constituencies affected the outcome.

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