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‘Mentally ill Kenyan’ deported to Somalia


A man who is allegedly mentally ill is among the 82 illegal immigrants deported to Mogadishu on Tuesday. Abdirahman Abdi was allegedly among the deportees to the Somalia capital, following a crackdown in Nairobi’s Eastleigh estate.

According to his aunt Halima Abdi Ali, Abdirahim who used to run a laundry business along University Way near Central police station in the early 2000s before he development mental problems, was reportedly arrested by the police in 4th street and taken to Pangani police station.

He was held for days and later taken to the Safaricom Kasarani Stadium for screening.

Halima said Abdirahman is a Kenyan from Wajir.

“His parents passed away long ago. His external family are in Wajir. He never had any documents. He probably lost them,” said Halima who lives on Kirinyaga road, near Coast bus station.

Abdirahman is also known by many in Nairobi’s Jamia mosque where he normally asked for hand-outs. Salim Ibrahim, former administrator of the mosque said he has known Abdirahman for many years.

“I know the guy very well. He is quiet man who normally hang around the mosque’s gates asking worshipers for food. That is how he was surviving,” he said.

Salim said he is “shocked” that police failed to notice that Abdirahman is mentally ill.

“If at all they were screening the detainees as they were saying, how come they failed to notice him?” he said.

“He is bushy and unkempt and normally keeps to himself,”.

Efforts to reach the said family members in Wajir failed as their contacts were not immediately available. However, Halima appealed to the government to return Abdirahman.

“He has never been to Mogadishu. How will he cope?” she said.

Interior Secretary Joseph ole Lenku and Somalia ambassador to Kenya Mohamed Ali Nur on Tuesday said the deportees were all Somalis without valid documents.

– The Star.

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