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Meet Wajir County’s ‘Digital’ Chief

By Suleiman Hassan.

chief nuh

Chief Nuh

At a time when Wajir county and the entire North Eastern region are grappling with increased threats and terror attacks from Somali militants Al-Shabaab, any initiative that will help in the war on terror is a welcome.

Criminals are more sophisticated and well informed in this era when information travels faster than light, thanks to the emergence of social media.

To fight crime, those tasked with the responsibility have no option but to embrace technology and take the war to the criminals in their online presence as well.

Social media, its positives aside, has provided criminals with an avenue to propagate their ideologies at the touch of a button.

If these realities are anything to go by, then the Chief of Got-Rahma sub-location in Wajir County is on the right track as he has embraced technology and has social media presence.

Through the Facebook page he has created for his location, the chief not only updates the activities in his location but also educates the public on basic administrative issues.


Activities of NYUMBA KUMI. 1 Sharing of information among members (2) identifying problem s that…

Posted by Got Rahma sublocation on Friday, May 1, 2015


From the war on terror, female genital mutilation, early marriages to gender based violence, Chief Nuh will no doubt impact heavily on the lives of not only residents of his location but also on those of the larger Wajir County and the rest of the country.


Chief nuh baraza

Chief Nuh addressing elders in his Sub-location


Got-rahma is a rocky sub-location to the south of Wajir town and derives its name (which literally translates to ‘the blessed cave’) from the beauty and blessings it enjoys as the area is ever green and has enough water supply, thanks to a never drying dam and shallow wells.

It is famous for its quarries that supply building stones and other building materials to Wajir County.

The chief’s efforts could however be hampered by the high illiteracy level among area residents most of whom access to the internet is a luxury.


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