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Garissa student with kidney failure needs help to pay high hospital bill

Ayan and her mum

Ayan Gedi (right) with her mother Abdia Banin at Nairobi East hospital yesterday.

By Adow Mohamed

A girl with a life-threatening kidney disease has been detained in a hospital in Nairobi due to a Sh879,784 bill.

Ayan Gedi, 16, who suffers from acute bilateral kidney (both kidneys) failure, has been detained at Nairobi East Hospital in Eastleigh.

This bill increases by more than Sh50,000 each week as she has dialysis twice a week.

Gedi, who comes from Garissa Township, needs an urgent kidney transplant.

She is a Form Two student at Yathrib Secondary School in Garissa.

Her mother, Abdia Banin, has appealed to well-wishers for help.

“We have been stuck here for months. The hospital management keeps on telling us that we must pay up, otherwise they will stop attending to my daughter,” she said.

The hospital administrator Ashihundu Khayumbi said the bill must be paid.

Gedi’s father died in 2011 and her mother cannot afford the hospital bill.

She urged Garissa Town MP Aden Duale and Senator Yussuf Haji to help her.

Gedi was diagnosed with the kidney disease in November 2014 after she suffered breathing problems, was fatigued and her body was swollen.

She was admitted on December 30 last year after doctors at the Garissa General Hospital referred her to Nairobi.

Banin can be contacted on 0721115888.

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Post source : The Star

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