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MEC urges Muslims to support vasities

Muslim Education Council (MEC) has described the recognition and awarding of Letter of Interim Authority (LIA) to  the second Muslim sponsored University – RAF International by the government as historical moment for Muslims and called for the community support to take the institution to the new heights.

The council executive director Munawar Khan said that the recognition and approval of RAF University was a new beginning for the Muslim community stressing that the university will contribute to the provision of university education and social economic development of the community and the country at large.

Speaking to the Friday Bulletin Munawar emphasized that support for the new institution was crucial if it was to fulfil its objectives and goals of uplifting of education standards and progress for the community.

”Umma and RAF universities are uniting factors for Muslims and we need to give them utmost support to ensure that they succeeds in their goals,” he added.

He stated that while the award was significant to enable the university to propel to further academic heights, It necessitates more efforts from Muslims to drive the institution towards attaining fully accreditation.

”The task ahead is overwhelming as the goal should be to attain the Charter for our two Muslim sponsored and run universities and to achieve this, the support from Muslim community is essential,” said Munawar.

Munawar pointed out that the granting of Letter of Interim Authority is the foremost step in attaining the Charter which grants a university full accreditation.

He noted that Muslim students continued to face numerous challenges in learning institutions, adding that RAF University will provide Muslims with appropriate conducive environment to learn and practice their faith.

The Letter of Interim Authority (LIA) and the recognition of RAF University by the Commission of University Education (CUE) follows audit by the commission which gave a positive assessment of the institution.

RAF University will now take to the footsteps of Umma University as the second Muslim university in Kenya.

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