MCA denies clan endorsed Jir for a second term

By NepJournal June 4, 2017 08:29

The Masare Clan of Wajir has not endorsed area Governor Ahmed Abdullahi for a second term, Wajir township member of County Assembly Abdi Osman has said.

Speaking a day after the governor visited a Wajir neighborhood largely inhabited by the family, Osman who is seeking to defend his seat on a Jubilee party ticket accused the governor of malice saying he claimed to have been endorsed by the family despite being told otherwise.

“Let the general public, specifically the Wajir county voters know that its false and the opposite of the resolutions from that meeting” said Osman on a post by the governor on his facebook page stating that he was endorsed by the family.

“Earlier today, our brothers from the Masare clan hosted me at Bula Ali Macow where they endorsed me for a second term in office come the August 8th general elections. The family believes in my proven track record and my manifesto thus ensuring me their firm support” posted the governor on Facebook Saturday after meeting the family.

Osman was also distanced himself from the Governor saying he did not endorse him at personal level reaffirming his support for party Jubilee’s candidate Mohamed Abdi Mohamud.

“The governor maliciously placed my picture to create a perception that I also endorsed him. Let me clear the air I have never endorsed him for any elective position in Kenya not now or later” stated Osman.

It is not the first time family members came out denying they endorsed the governor for a second time after such a meeting.

Wajir Township MCA Abdi Osman.

Governor Abdullahi addressing a section of Masare clan members when he sought their support for his second term bid at a Wajir neighborhood.



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By NepJournal June 4, 2017 08:29

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