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MCA calls on State to open Huduma Center in Mandera

By Abdiweli Aden:

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Nominated Mandera County Assembly member Jimaldin Adan Ahmed has written to government asking for the opening of a Huduma center in Mandera.

In a letter dated January 29, the outspoken nominated MCA for the youth detailed the rigorous process area residents go through to get services their counterparts in the rest of the country access easily courtesy of the Huduma centers.

“a citizen who loses his identity card is subjected to a challenging, tiresome and bureaucratic application process and unnecessary delays that sometimes drag on for your” reads the letter in part.

“Application for a duplicate ID card is much more difficult and rigorous than a new application” it added.

Jamal’s plea comes at a time when the government is rolling out the initiative which has brought essential government services under one roof to the remaining counties.

Wajir is the only county in North Eastern that has an operational center. Plans are underway for the one in Garissa as Nep Journal has learnt the government is already in the process of setting it up.

Below are some of the services offered at the Huduma centers:

List of services offered.

  1. Issuance of Duplicated National Identity Card
  2. HELB – Student Loan Application and Repayments
  3. Registration of Welfare Groups.
  4. Issuance of Police Abstracts
  5. Single Business Permit
  6. NSSF -Member Registration, Statement and Claims
  7. Community Policing – Nyumba Kumi
  8. Search and Registration Of Business Names
  9. NCC Seasonal Parking Tickets
  10. Stamp Duty Assessment and Payment
  11. NSSF – Member Registration, Statement and Claims
  12. Stamp Duty Franking
  13. NHIF – Member Registration Claims and Benefits
  14. Procurement Complaints and Reviews
  15. Ministry Of Health
  16. Motor Vehicle Log Book Search and Driver License Status
  17. Status of Pension Claims
  18. EACC – Reporting Corruption and Certificated
  19. Commission on Administrative Justice


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