Markel wins German election

Abdirahman Hussein
By Abdirahman Hussein September 24, 2017 20:03


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has won the election getting reelected for the fourth time, exit polls suggest.

Her conservative party CDU/CSU alliance has garnered over 32.5 percent of the total votes; CDU/CSU alliance will remain the largest party in Germany’s parliaments

Angela Merkel will be forced to form a coalition government since CDU/CSU alliance will not be able to form a government on its own.

Her previous coalition party the social democratic SPD, has gained 20%, but the party said this time they will not renew its grand coalition with the CDU,

“Our next task is to close ranks work shoulder to shoulder again as a party. We will discuss the election results without ifs and buts, and take our time” CDU officials said.

A far right nationalist AfD which is known for it is ant Islam campaign have made significant improvements winning 13 percent of the total votes.

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Abdirahman Hussein
By Abdirahman Hussein September 24, 2017 20:03

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