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Mandera’s EFP party candidates lodge petitions challenging election of Governor, Senator and Mandera North MP

By NJ Correspondent:

Leaders from Mandera’s Economic Freedom Party yesterday lodged a case at the Milimani law courts in Nairobi in Nairobi challenging the election three key officials in the county.

Led by the party’s gubernatorial candidate Hassan Noor Hassan, the leaders sought a recount of Mandera North Constituency among other demands claiming massive rigging in the volatile constituency.

They now want the election of Mandera Governor Ali Roba, Senator Mohamed Mohamud and Mandera North MP Major Rtd. Bashir Abdullahi nullified by the High court.

“Our agents were beaten and some even hospitalized as a result of injuries they sustained. Our agents were chased out of polling stations and election results tilted to favor our opponents. That is why we are here today to seek a vote recount to reclaim our votes” said Hassan.

Addressing supporters outside the court, the former administrator called on his supporters and those of EFP party to remain calm as they sought justice in the corridors of justice.

Noor was flanked by his deputy Abass Hajir who also implicated the ruling jubilee coalition in what he termed as ‘massive rigging’ in Mandera North constituency.

“We want votes recount since we have enough evidence of rigging which made us lose up to 18000 votes of ours” said Hajir.

Hajir said the National government sided with the Jubilee candidates even though EFP was also an affiliate party to the President Uhuru led Jubilee party.

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