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Mandera suppliers to get paid at last as MCAs pass supplementary budget

By Abdiweli Aden:

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on going construction of a tarmac road in Mandera, the first of its kind in the area.


Suppliers in Mandera County have a reason to smile after the County Assembly passed a supplementary budget of 2.8b.

Suppliers and contractors have threatened to stop supplying the County following non-payment and accumulation of their dues dating back to January 2013.

Some of the funds will be raised by cutting allocations to several departments.

Senator Billow Kerrow however says the County has un-utilized funds in its accounts.

“Figures published by the National Treasury this morning reveals that a total of kshs. 3 billion has been transferred to Mandera County Government account at CBK by the end of last week. It’s un-utilised cash balance in the account of shs 3.145 billion is the highest among all the 47 counties” said Kerrow urging the County administration to pay the huge outstanding debts and utilize the resources to meet the urgent, growing needs of the residents.

Elsewhere, Mandera MCAs have thrown their weight behind Senator Billow Kerrow over the Mandera ‘mass graves’ saga.

Addressing the press in Mandera on Friday, the MCAs took issue with Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery for the way he handled the matter.

“For Nkaissery to say the 48 year old mother of five whose body was found in a shallow grave at Lathe was an al shabaab’s cook was a confirmation she was executed by our security agencies,” said Majority leader Robow Mohamed.

His township colleague Feisal Abdinoor said Nkaissery was trying to gag the county leadership.

Their sentiments come days after Senator Billow Kerrow was briefly arrested on arrival from Mandera. He recorded a statement over the issue at the CID headquarters before he was set free.

Police later denied Kerrow was arrested.


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