Mandera supplementary budget Debate turns physical as political differences play out

By NepJournal March 15, 2017 22:12

Mandera supplementary budget Debate turns physical as political differences play out

By NJ Correspondent:

Business at the Mandera County Assembly was on Wednesday afternoon paralyzed for the second time after debate on the supplementary budget turned physical.

Reports indicate Rhamu Ward MCA Issack Dahir made away with the mace after the debate ended in fisticuffs.

Political differences played out for the second time after the executive attempted to reintroduce the supplementary budget of Kes 1.7billion rejected last week by the assembly.

Members alleged the funds were meant for new projects ahead of the 2017 elections and shot down the budget but the Governor Roba led administration said the funds were needed to address the prevailing droughts and settle pending bills.

MCAs involved in the brawl later recorded statements at the Mandera Police Station.

The Garre Council of elders dropped governor Roba and endorsed former administrator Hassan Noor Hassan to take his place in the coming elections but Roba broke ranks with the elders leading to the formation of a political group opposed to the elders under the banner firfirsa.

Those allied to the elders refer to themselves as tokkuma.

Pundits link the current standoff at the County Assembly to these political differences.


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By NepJournal March 15, 2017 22:12

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