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Mandera OCS Albert Kipchumba :The face of police reforms

Mandera OCS Albert Kipchumba is simply a breath of fresh air for most law abiding residents in Mandera.

He has that “man of the people “vibe that just helps you feel  like you are in safe hands and even as you talk to him for the first time it is quickly apparent that he is a straightforward man.
His friendly and interactive manner has seen him revered and appreciated early by residents of Mandera. To them Mr. Kipchumba is simply heaven sent and they are glad he got transferred to their town

His online presence has also helped him connect with the residents more especially the youth who have even titled him as “the face book cop”

Mr. Kipchumba was the OCS of Bumala until August this year when he was transferred to Mandera where he literally hit the ground running.

He started by creating special desks within his jurisdiction to specifically deal with abuse cases targeting girls

He immediately started campaigns against girl child abuse and he has been very vocal about his passion for protecting young helpless girls from the many dangers they face ie girl circumcision and early marriages.

In a phone interview with Nepjournal, Mr Kipchumba spoke on the challenge of getting parents to understand and appreciate the value of education to girls.

He said that most parents have seen the light and have started investing in their daughter’s education.

On the issue of girl child circumcision Mr. Kipchumba said “So far I am yet to hear a case but it is still an ongoing practice but hopefully with the help of the society we shall arrest these perpetrators. “

Mr. Kipchumba has also been vocal on the codeine drug use. Codeine is a syrup that its prolonged use causes addiction and dependency. They are mixed with Coke or blackcurrant sodas.

Cozepam is also chewed. All are prescriptive drugs but are highly abused.

While speaking at a meeting with security officers earlier this month, Mr Kipchumba assured the elders and Muslim leaders that they will intensify the crackdown on drug abuse.

In the phone interview with Nepjournal, the Mandera OCS disclosed that so far they have only been able to apprehend seven people related to the sales of drugs in the region.

He also added “It is still an ongoing case but we are working on finding out the main source of these drugs. So far we have only been able to arrest the brokers but with all the information coming in, we shall soon arrest the big fishes too.”

Asked about how forthcoming the public has been in various cases, Mr. Kipchumba replied “The public has been very helpful and communicative. Incorporating social media in my war against crime has helped me get a direct line to the youth who have also been sharing tips and leads with me online.”

The Mandera youth also formed a whats app forum group “Mandera Anti Drugs Forum” which the OCS is an active member.

Mr. Kipchumba also had a message for his colleagues in the police sector and the public regarding drug abuse.

“The helplessness of our brothers and sisters who are at various stages of dependency and addiction due to  misuse of  pharmaceutical drugs should pain and awaken every security officer at any corner of our motherland.” he passionately stated

“All eyes are on us as the key stakeholder in this war against  drug abuse. We should not be tempted  to ignore it . ” he continued

“All our attention, energy and resources should be put on this sector to free our tomorrow from the yokes of having unproductive people around us. The cries of paining families should touch us.” he concluded

On the war against Al-shabaab, Mr. Kipchumba was confident that they will be able to win the battle and termed the security danger they pose as just short- termed.

“Al-shabaab is just a small group and we are a battalion .I am confident that we shall be able to draw them out of the region soon.”

Either way there is no denying that Mr Kipchumba is not the usual corrupt officer we have sadly grown accustomed to. He is the epitome of what a great police officer should be. He is humble, work –oriented, honest and respectful.  He is most definitely the face of police reforms .



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