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Mandera leaders lash out at President over insecurity in the North

bilow kerow

Mandera Senator Billow Kerrow speaking at a past press conference

By Abdiweli Aden

Elected leaders from Mandera County have taken issue with President Uhuru Kenyatta for his approach towards handling the increasing cases of terror attacks in North Eastern and especially Mandera County.

Speaking at press conference in Nairobi on Tuesday, the leaders claimed Uhuru ignored recommendations they submitted to him after the Garissa attack of April 2, 2015.

Led by Mandera Senator Billow Kerrow, the leaders said that had their input been taken into account, attacks such as the latest one in Mandera where up to 14 people were killed by suspected members of Al-shabaab could have been thwarted.

“We shared a 20 point recommendations with him (Uhuru) which we were assured would be implemented immediately but nothing has been done so far,” said Kerrow.

On her part, Fathiha Mahabub, Mandera County women representative said that government should take the blame for the attack because it has failed to implement proposals they gave.

The leaders who spoke in one voice attributed the halting of more bloodshed in the Mandera attack to the bravery of Kenya Police reservists whom they said responded swiftly.

They now want up to 300 KPR recruited for each of the three counties in North Eastern.

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