Mandera leaders lash out at Government over continuous Al Shabaab incursions

By NepJournal December 15, 2016 13:27

Mandera leaders lash out at Government over continuous Al Shabaab incursions

By NJ Correspondent:

Leaders of Mandera County are now accusing the government of laxity in the fight against Al Shabaab at the county as militant incursions continue unabated.

Speaking in Mandera town on Wednesday, Mandera Governor Ali Roba, Senator Billow Kerrow and the Garre Council endorsed gubernatorial candidate in the next general elections Hassan Noor Hassan put their the difference aside and spoke in one voice against the Al Shabaab menace in the county even as a three month curfew prevails.

In the latest incident, Al Shabaab blew up communication masts in Dabasity and Kutulo towns, a wave of attack the leaders said was aimed at cutting off the County from the rest of the country.

“Actually it is the belief of many of us that the government has failed in as far as security is concerned in this county with regards to Al shabaab because they are entering anywhere in this county at will, anytime of the day” said Senator Billow Kerrow.

Former PC and Mandera Gubernatorial hopeful Hassan Noor Hassan said most officers were not comfortable confronting the militants because of the lack of facilitation from the government.

Governor Ali Roba wondered how the militants could blow up three communication masts in a row without any government response.

“The public is on curfew, no one is moving at night because the area is under curfew, but is under curfew only to Kenyans who kept at home, the rest of hooligans, criminals and the Al Shabaab hooligans are roaming freely uninterrupted by any body” said Roba.

The leaders expressed fears of a major terror attack following the wave of attacks on communications masts by Al Shabaab.

They were speaking after welcoming the Garre Council of Elders and their preferred candidates who arrived at the County from Nairobi on Wednesday.



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By NepJournal December 15, 2016 13:27

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