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Mandera leaders hold series of meetings in the County over terror attacks

By Suleiman Hassan

Mandera leaders

Governor Roba gives a press briefing on the series of meetings. He is flanked by other leaders from the County.

Political leaders from Mandera County led by Governor Hon. Ali Roba today held several meetings in the County to chart the way forward following the recent spate of terror attacks by Al-Shabaab.

The leaders first held a meeting with the County Commissioner and the County’s top security brass where the two sides agreed to work together to avoid recurrence of the security lapses that led to the series of bloody attacks.

Immediately after the attacks, Governor Roba went public and aired his frustration at the Government’s failure to act on intelligence reports of possible Al-Shabaab attacks which he said he shared with Government security authorities.

This alluded to breakdown of communication between the County and the Central Government in Mandera.

Thereafter they held a lengthy and fruitful discussion with religious leaders from the County.

The leaders in a lengthy meeting with religious leaders

The leaders in a lengthy meeting with religious leaders

The religious leaders condemned the attacks terming them anti – Islam and vowed to play their role in the war on terror.

The series of meetings in the County come two days after the leaders met President Uhuru at State house where they agreed to work with the Government to stamp out insecurity in the County.

Governor Roba urged all stakeholders in the County to actively contribute towards efforts to restore peace in the border County.

“We need the public to understand their responsibility in the fight against terrorism. Our objective is also to sensitize them on how negatively the recent terrorist attacks have impacted on major development projects” he said.

The successive attacks by Al-Shabaab in the span of two weeks saw the killing of 64 innocent civilians. The attackers separated people along religious line before killing them in cold blood in a move aimed at creating religious animosity among Kenyans.

The economy of Mandera County has been brought to its knees following mass exodus from the County by non – local Kenyans who felt unsafe following the bloody incidences.

“As we speak, all the ongoing development projects in Mandera town particularly the road works, the construction of the county headquarters, the county assembly, Moi Stadium and the county restaurant have stalled” lamented Governor Roba.

“This is a result of the mass exodus of the technical personnel supervising these projects. We have also lost 50 health workers and as a result 20 health centers closed down.” He added.

Roba said that more than 150 non-local teachers from the County have also submitted transfer requests to the TSC.

The Governor was accompanied by members of parliament Hon. Adiaziz Ali Farah, Hon. Eng. Mohamed Mohamud, Hon. Shaaban Ali, Hon .Mohamed Abdow, Hon. Hassan Osman, Senator Hon. Billow Kerrow.

The team is scheduled to engage elders, women and the youth tomorrow before holding a joint public Baraza on Monday.


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