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Mandera leader throws his weight behind Duale, say ML is clean:

By Abdiweli Aden:

Jamaldin Ahmed, Nominated MCA for the youth, Mandera County.

Jamaldin Ahmed, Nominated MCA for the youth, Mandera County.

Mandera nominated MCA for the youth Jamaldin Ahmed has come to the defense of Majority Leader Aden Duale who has been dragged into the NYS saga by former Devolution cabinet secretary Anne Waiguru.

Speaking to Nepjournal on phone, Jamaldin said Duale is a senior government officer and politician who represents the interests of all Kenyans regardless of their tribe, religion, regional and political affiliation.

Jamaldin said the Majority Leader was a clean man and that those who were dragging his name into the saga and calling for his ouster were out to settle political scores.

The MCA challenged Waiguru to table in court any evidence she has against the leaders she mentioned in her recent affidavit on the NYS saga.

The outspoken Mandera MCA warned Jubilee leaders against creating a rift in the ruling coalition through cheap politicking

“We should approach this debate soberly. Any leader who has enough evidence against his colleagues must channel them through the right ways including filing cases in court. Leaders must stop tarnishing the names of their colleagues over political differences” urged Jamaldin.

The MCA’s sentiments come at a time when the National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has confirmed it was yet to begin investigations into the National Youth Service (NYS).

PAC chairman Nicolas Gumbo on Monday denied that the committee had a preliminary report implicating over 50 MPs.

Gumo said his committee was waiting for the Auditor-General’s special report before launching their own investigations.

A list of over 50 MPs started circulating on social media on Monday but Gumo denied knowledge of the list.




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