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Mandera is sealed for Jubilee, Roba says

By Abdiweli Aden:

Mandera governor Ali Ibrahim Roba said Mandera remains a stronghold for jubilee party and scopes more votes than even it did in 2013 polls.

“Despite defections by some elders, Mandera is painted red with jubilee party and is clearly sealed for jubilee,” said Roba.

Roba who disobeyed the Garre Council of Elders and bravely declared to seek re-election for second term in office secured Jubilee party ticket and is ready to face his rival Hassan Noor Hassan who COE’s preferred candidate.

Hassan Noor is contest for the county’s top seat on a newly formed party known as Economic Freedom Party (EFP) which was formed March this year.

Noor is backed by council of elders, Senator Billow Kerrow, Deputy Governor Omar Mohammed, MPs Mohamed Huka (Mandera South), nominated MP Hassan Osman and Fathia Mahbub (woman representative), and four other Members of County Assembly (MCA).

On the other hand, Jubilee leaders backing Roba include Mohamed Haji (MP Banisa), Mohamud Mohamed (Mandera West), Adan Mohamed Noor (Mandera North).and Shaban Issack (Lafey) among others.

In 2013 polls, President Uhuru Kenyatta got 93 percent (94,433 voters) while Raila Odinga on Cord got 4 percent (4,366 voters).

Mandera County has registered votes of over 160,000 voters biometrically.

Roba says we will ensure to deliver all votes to Jubilee Party in August 2017 Polls.

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