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Mandera intensifies war on prescriptive drug abuse

The war on drugs in Mandera has intensified as the police make moves to arrest drivers driving under the influence in the region

Mandera OCS Albert Kipchumba met with all bus companies’ managers plying the Mandera –Nairobi route.

Mr. Kipchumba expressed his concerns regarding some serious allegations that some of these drivers and touts are working while under the influence of drugs.

Mandera has been recently battling misuse of prescriptive drugs such as codeine and cozepam which has seen most youths fighting addiction and dependency.

They have been mixing codeine with coke or blackcurrant sodas and mixing cozepam with miraa .

Mr Kipchumba said that the meeting was to caution the bus managers and to ask them to vet their staff before they send them on the road.

The OCS said it is still unclear if the recent upsurge of accidents on the roads can be attributed to the drug situation.

He said the police were currently looking into the matter and the parties involved will face the full penalty according to the law.

The Mandera OCS also met with officers from poison and pharmacy board, private medical practioners, community health workers, medics from Mandera Referral hospital and chemist /pharmacies owners within Mandera to come up with ideas on the best way to curb prescriptive drug abuse in the region.

They discussed long term and immediate actions needed to be taken by each one of them to reinforce the war on drug abuse in the region.

Mr Kipchumba also expressed his gratitude to the leaders in Mandera who he claims have been on the fore front in the battle against drugs and mobilizing the youth to give information on the  illegal peddlers of these drugs .


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