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Roba hopeful petition against him will be thrown out

Mandera Governor Ali Ibrahim Roba has expressed optimism that a case challenging his election will be thrown out.
In post on his official facebook page, Roba said “Today is the first stage of ruling where the rubber met the road. The Almighty Allah decides on who becomes a leader and his will has prevailed again”.

Roba said his opponent Hassan Noor Hassan’s case was not water tight and is losing ground.

“The ruling quashed over 70% of the issues raised by the petitioner including discrediting of their witnesses one by one” Said the Jubilee Governor.

Mr. Hassan had argued that results given by strangers only known to Mr. Roba had been the ones that determined the victor of the hotly contested gubernatorial race.

Roba on his side noted the court had given his petitioner access to only 13 polling stations SD cards.

“The ruling granted the petitioners the reading of only 13 SD cards for 13 polling centers and validation of four polling centers whose results were officially cancelled by the RO hence its reading is only meant to validate whether the RO cancelled on legitimate grounds as stated by him.” said an elated Roba

In the case, Mr. Noor argued that the results announced by the RO had rampant omission incidents and should be verified.
Supporters of both sides however expressed different opinions hopeful their candidates would carry the day.

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