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Mandera farmers smile all the way to the bank

By Nepjournal correspondent

Mandera farm

a Farm in Mandera county

Farmers in Mandera County have a reason to smile all the way to the bank as the County government today paid them by cheque for produce it recently bought from them.

The produce which was mainly maize and other cereals was bought by the County government in a bid to motivate the farmers and encourage more people to practice farming.

The County Government created irrigation zones and helped the farmers in cultivation and access to subsidized quality fertilizers.

And when the produce was ready, they came and bought from the farmers in a bid to keep enough stock for distribution as relief food to the poor and the needy.

Mandera County Deputy Governor Omar Mohamed and Executive member for Agriculture and Irrigation Mohamed Omar Absiye oversaw the exercise. They both appealed to the farmers to double their efforts in order to make Mandera county food secure.

The farmers on their side thanked the County Government for their support and promised to return with more bags so that they can get fatter cheques next time.

The Chairman of border point 1 irrigation zone Mr. Idriss Farah said that he has been farming for 43 years now but never had such an opportunity before saying that in the past their produce was sold at throw away prices at the local market and this could not even sustain them.

“If these cooperation between the farmers and the county government continues, we shall soon make Mandera food secure and export the excess produce to the rest of Kenya” he said.

Nepjournal wishes them all the best in this noble initiative and appeals to the other two counties of North Eastern to follow suit.


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