Mandera elders set the bar high in Farmajo win celebrations

By NepJournal February 13, 2017 20:42

Mandera elders set the bar high in Farmajo win celebrations

By Farah Adan:

Elders in the North Eastern Kenya town of Mandera have donated four camels and USD 1,000 to their counterparts in the neighboring Somali town of Beled Hawo towards the ongoing celebrations of Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo’s election win on February 8, 2017.

While Somalis the World over celebrated Farmajo’s win in different ways, Mandera elders chose to do so in style breaking ranks with the usual ululations and public demonstrations in support of the newly elected leader.

Led by the former Mayor of Mandera town Mr. Abdullahi Issack, the elders said they chose to donate camels because the Somali community treasures the animal christened ship of the desert making it the biggest gift the community can offer.

Issack said the four camels and the cash amount of USD 1,000 will be used to organize a religious feast to send prayers and blessings upon the newly elected leader.

“After the feast, the meat may not be shared all the way to Mogadishu or Garbaharey, but the goodwill and prayers will no doubt find their way to the President, Parliament and the rest of the country” said Issack.

The former Mayor asked residents of Beled Hawo town and Gedo region at large to be good ambassadors since Farmajo hails from the Marehan clan who largely inhabit the region which borders North Eastern Kenya.

The colorful handover ceremony of the donation was held at the border between the two towns.

Speaking after receiving the donation, Beled Hawo district commission Mohamud Hayd Osman thanked the elders for the goodwill message and gesture saying the donation had more moral impact than material.

“We thank you for the brotherly gesture, you have given us camels and cash money to celebrate our President’s win and we really appreciate. We owe each other more than is on offer today but your gesture goes a long way in fostering our long standing relations” said the DC who took upon himself to convey the goodwill messages from the elders to the president.

Elders from both sides celebrated together and exchanged pleasantries.

Most Somalis expressed hope in Farmajo’s Presidency given the newly elected President’s development record during his tenure as the Prime Minister of Somalia.



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By NepJournal February 13, 2017 20:42

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