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Mandera elders from five clans oppose GCOE, saying they don’t represent people’s willpower.

By NJ Correspondent:

Elders from five clans have today sent a warning shot to a section of Garre council of Elders over their remarks claiming to decamp Jubilee Party if their decision on negotiated democracy is not respected by ruling Jubilee party regarding party nominations.

This comes barely a day after Council of elders held a mammoth meeting at Sir Ali Muslim club in Nairobi where they discussed their next move as chances of landing direct nominations from the ruling party dwindles by the day.

Elders from Dagodia, Murulle, Garre, Marehan, Corner tribes’ clans opposed to the section of Garre council of elders said GCOE’s allied to negotiated democracy doesn’t represent the views of Mandera people and no one has confidence in them.

“Their claim purporting to have the support of 90% of Mandera voters is far from the truth and their threat to decamp ruling Jubilee party regarding party nominations doesn’t hold any water.” said an elder identified as Kulow Hassan.

He added Kerrow’s claims that Mandera total votes is over 170,000 votes and that the Roba led side will not be able to deliver more than 10% is a peddling lie.

“Let them lead their few followers to the party they believe they can fit but they will not mislead Mandera people at large by vending lies against Jubilee Party and we are here to stay as Mandera people,” said Kulow.

Elders said Kerrow’s remarks dragging National Intelligence Service (NIS) and Deputy President Ruto for accusing them interfering with Mandera politics is a clear indication that the Senator and his council of elders have sensed defeat and now looking for lame excuses.

Elders promised to vote Roba as a block to ensure Council of elders’ dictatorship on negotiated democracy doesn’t sail through in 2017 polls.

Roba was dropped by a section of elders alongside all elected MPs and MCAs in favor of a new crop of candidates led by former administrator Hassan Noor Hassan as the gubernatorial nominee.

He has since led a team of dissenting leaders who broke ranks with a verdict by the GCOEs.

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